The e’Letrick WarBabyz first came into existence as the Suicydal Boyz. The Suicydal Boyz were known as an uncompromising, hardcore underground band. Shattering the preconceived notions of most top 40 audiences, verily the Suicydal Boyz were deemed illegal in several states (of mind).


   Now the e’Letrick WarBabyz are deemed to their original roots, PURE FUNK!   Like PURE FUNK , EWB (e’Letrick Warbabyz) embodies all styles of music; Rock, Blues, Jazz, Soul, & more. EWB’s funk is like a stain on a new suit, a scuff on new shoes, a  mood, like a chant in the jungle: irresistible! EWB is raw honest, laying out the music blue print for you to take as much or as little as you like; AEONIAN FUNK!


    The e’Letrick WarBabyz believe that people should embrace there existence, the treasure of ancestral memories, there culture and self respect, their dignity of blood and extended families...Not to "MENTACIDE" ourselves in complete and total destruction of a race mind: through genetics, mass media, economics, and strategic drug distribution. which is MENACED. EWB wants your mind to be free.....so your ass can follow.


    The members in the Mental Liberation against the complete control of our minds are the warriors in this fight! They are appointed by the people to carry out the battle! The men of honor are :


Jesse ‘ Strange Love ‘ Robinson : Guitarist, Composer
Anthony ‘ Tbown/Kill-ah-Watt ‘ Russell Sr. : Guitarist, Vocalist, Composer
Mark Anthony ‘ TimeKeeper ‘ Robinson : Drummer, Keyboard, Vocalist, Composer James ‘ Head-Spin ‘ Brody : Percussionist, Lyricist, Lead Vocals
David ‘ D-Voe ‘ Newell : Bassist, Composer
Sherman ‘ ShermDog ‘ Russell : Vocalist
Rivers ‘ Tubbz ‘ Jeans : Percussions, Vocals


PLUS* Our male ghost MG (Miscellaneous Guitarist) who pops up on all FunkEmergencies, And add more FunkSmiling, NeckBoppin, stage aspects for all is no other than our Funk Brother; Eric “The Red” Newell


So you see, the WarBabyz are blood-pledged to battling the Big Brotherized influences that constantly bombard the BLACK, WHITE, RED, YELLOW, & BROWN, YOU!